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Should I Style My Whole House To Sell? Will It Be Cheaper To Style Certain Rooms? Styling Key Rooms.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

So you have made the decision to put your home on the market and decided it is time to sell. Marketing your property right is extremely important and can greatly affect the end result in your sales campaign.

Should I style my entire home to sell?

Property styling is all about showcasing your home to its full potential and unlocking the potential to maximise your sales campaign and generate results. A talented stylist will help to create spaces in your home to appeal to potential buyers through the power of home staging. The more spaces you choose to style will greatly increase your homes appeal and unlock potential to attract potential buyers to your home. If you have a larger home with multiple bedrooms and spaces it may be more cost effective to only select the key rooms you would like to focus on in your sales campaign. This is where our 'style to shoot' service could be a perfect option for you.

How much will property styling cost? Does the cost vary per room?

The cost of property styling will depend on a few factors including the number of spaces you require styling, the size of the property and so fourth. Revolution Style Hub offers free quote requests and can give a price guide online via email or our website. The cost of each room will vary depending on the type of space and the amount of furniture and accessories will be required in the room. For example a single bedroom styling package will most likely cost less then a master bedroom with multiple spaces in the room.

Single bedroom styling.

A perfect example is this single room which included a bed, linen, bedside table, accessories and artwork. This room was oddly shaped and the styling really helped to allow potential buyers to see how the room could be utilised and increased the look and appeal of the room.

Master bedroom styling.

In this example of a master bedroom we styled you will see this styling package included a larger bed, bed head, linen, robe accessories, bedside tables, artwork, outdoor setting. The appeal of this room was increased and prospective buyers really loved that they were able to visualise the space with what could actually fit in the room.

Style and transform the rooms or spaces you would like styled to target a specific demographic or target buyer ?

Draw the attention of potential buyers by selecting to style rooms or spaces that will appeal to potential buyers. By styling your spare room into an office space or styling your entrance to make it look appealing could greatly increase your chances of a successful sales campaign.

Office / Study Nook Styling.

In this example you will see that this space under the stairs of this magnificent house would otherwise be wasted. Our talented stylist added the right amount of accessories and furniture to really bring out the aesthetic appeal of this space and showcase how the space could be used.

Boost your homes appearance through the power of property styling!

Property staging is the perfect tool used by savvy home sellers to boost their sales campaign and maximise results when selling a property. Revolution Style Hub is here to guide you through your property styling journey and make the process as stress free and easy as possible.

Want More Property Styling Idea's Or Staging Photos?

For more images and details please follow our Houzz listing. You can also check out our socials such as facebook and instagram to get inspiration and ideas on the power home styling has on a property.

Free Home Staging Quote Request Starts Online Here.

Ready to start your property styling journey? Revolution Style Hub is here to guide you through it and your are able to Start here with our easy online quote request form. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us.


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