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Should I Style My Home To Sell? Which Houses Are Best Styled? Which homes look better styled?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Property styling is a sellers tool used to potentially increase the chances of a higher priced sale, quicker sale and to stand out from the competition. The objective of home staging will therefore suit a large variety of homes ranging from small studio apartments to larger multilevel homes.

Revolution Style Hub has provided home staging to a vast variety of homes all over Sydney and some surrounding areas. We have put together some examples of homes styled by Revolution Style Hub. Browse through our styled homes to get an idea of the impact a staged property looks compared to a property without home staging.


Duplex Styling

Modern 3 Bedroom duplex in Merrylands consisting of 2 living, study and outdoor alfresco styled by Revolution Style Hub.


Apartment Styling

Top floor apartment in Belmore consisting of 2 bedrooms, lounge and balcony styled by Revolution Style Hub.


Double Storey Home Styling

Double storey house in Greystanes consisting of 2 bedrooms, combined lounge and dining, office, outdoors styled by Revolution Style Hub.


Single Level Home Styling

Character filled home in Ashfield consisting of 2x bedrooms, 1x office, 1x sunroom and outdoors styed by Revolution Style Hub.


Terrace Styling

Gracious terrace in the heart of Paddington consisting of 2x bedrooms upstairs, lounge, dining, outdoors and balcony styled by Revolution Style Hub.


Boost Your Sales Campaign With The Power Of Home Staging!

Styling your property for sale is a must to achieve the possibility of a successful sales campaign. A beautifully presented home is a fantastic way to attract potential buyers and really highlight the great aspects of your home.

From older styled homes to modern and brand new apartments and houses, we can offer a property styling solution to all homes. Single levelled, Double storey and everything in between - we are up for the challenge.

Contact us today to start your property styling journey.

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