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Property Styling Using Greens - Gorgeous Refreshing Colour Palette - Home Decorating Ideas.

Wondering what home decorating looks like with greens incorporated in a property styling project ? With a variety of different shades, the colour green can portray an uplifting and refreshing look and feel of any room when styling a home for sale. We love incorporating shades of green into our home decorating projects as we feel it is a very refreshing colour and goes well with many other neutral colours.

Accessories - Green Accents.

Utilizing green accents and colours in spaces such as the laundry to really make it pop. Green is the perfect colour to make your space feel fresh and clean.

Styling With Plants - Green Leaves.

Incorporating green into your style can be done through artificial plants and faux plants. These green pieces can fill a void space along with creating a fabulous centerpiece. Plants are great against windows and similar to 'bring the outside in' and allow your style to flow with the natural elements outside.

Artwork - Green Palette

Tie your room together by picking an element in your artwork to flow onto your cushions and accessories. In this example you can see the palm tree is followed onto the cushion from the artwork.

Elements - Green Styling

Styling a home utilizing a variety of elements and textures. A Georges green colour palette in this amazing modern home.

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