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Partial Property Styling | Staging & Integrating Your Furniture | What Is Partial Property Staging?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Revolution Style Hub offer a range of home staging services Sydney Wide, including 'partial' property styling. If you have ever wondered what partial home staging is, then you have come to the right place. Here we will explain our interpretation of partial property styling along with showing you some examples of a home that has had partial home staging. Partial Styling , Integrating Your Furniture To Style Your Home For Sale.

What is partial home staging?

Partial home staging is a home styling service Revolution Style Hub offers where we endeavor to utilize some of your existing furniture & pair with our in house inventory to create a look and style to appeal to potential buyers. Our talented stylist will assess what furniture and accessories can stay and be integrated into the style along with what can be added.

Examples partial home styling.

Partial Styling , Integrating Your Furniture To Style

We were able to dress our clients existing bed frames along with mattresses in this 2 bedroom apartment in Campsie which our stylist was able to utilize and pair with our linen, soft furnishings and furniture. Our stylist can work with you to determine which existing furniture may work within the style of the home. An existing bed is a great example of a piece that our stylist may be able to work with, althought there are a few factors to consider including size of bed and bulkiness of bed.

Partially styling a bedroom when selling
Unique Homes | Styling With Your Furniture.

This unique home in Tempe proved to be an exciting challenge for our talented stylist. Our client had some great quality pieces including this leather lounge which was paired with our furniture and soft furnishings to keep the style flowing. With a unique style and feel, it was crucial to find the balance between keeping within the style and not taking away from the uniqueness of this marvelous home.

Utilizing existing furniture to style a home for sale
Keeping It Neutral!

Existing neutral furniture such as the lounges at our clients home in Hornsby is a perfect example of what our stylist may be able to work with when styling your home for sale. By pairing our clients lounges with our inventory such as artwork, coffee table, rug, lamp and soft furnishings we were able to brighten this apartment in Hornsby and boost the look and feel to ensure it stood out from neighboring apartments for sale. In a competitive Sydney real estate market, we think it is crucial to ensure your home stands out from the rest.

Working with your own furniture to style a home for sale
Full or Partial Property Styling.

Revolution Style Hub offer partial and full property styling options Sydney Wide. If you are looking to style your home for sale and have existing furniture and furnishing, don't hesitate to get into contact with Revolution Style Hub to see how we can boost your interiors and showcase your home to appeal to potential buyers.

Partial Property Styling Frequently Asked Questions.

Are You Able To Use All Of My Furniture With Partial Styling?

Our talented property stylist will assess which furniture can stay and be paired with our inventory. Most common pieces that may be used include beds, outdoor furniture, coffee tables etc.

What Is Partial Property Styling?

How Can I Receive A Quote To Style My Home For Sale?

Am I Able To Live In The Property While It Is Staged And On The Market For Sale?

I Have Some More Questions Regarding Partial Property Styling, How Can I Contact You?

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