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How To Style A Bedroom Like A Pro - Steps And Tips On How To Style A Bedroom When Selling Your Home

Have you ever wondered how the pros style bedrooms when preparing a house for sale? It may seem like an easy job in theory although you may be surprised by the thought process and preparation that goes into styling a bedroom in a house for sale. Firstly a styled bedroom in a home for sale is different to creating a look of a bedroom for someone to sleep in. Here are some property styling tips and tricks that home stagers may use to style your bedroom and bed like it was photographed from the your favorite style magazine.

Steps to consider when planning to style your bedroom.

We have put together some steps and tips on how to style a bedroom when selling your home. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

  1. Plan out the room including style & colour palette

  2. Select Artwork

  3. Soft furnishing and linen

  4. Select lamps

  5. Accessories the room

Want to see some examples of beds and bedrooms styled by a professional stylist?

As you can see in the above images of styled beds and bedrooms there are many factors to consider including styles, colours and sizes of beds, furniture and soft furnishings that a stylist will use to ensure your space looks amazing for open homes, inspections and your real estate photography.

1. Select the right furniture pieces and accessories for your room. (Whilst also coming up with the theme and colour palette)

The first step to making your bedroom look like it was styled by a pro is selecting the right pieces for the room you are styling. A good tip is to avoid placing large bulky furniture in a bedroom along with placing furniture pieces that will show off the space to its full potential and the features it may have.

Some bedrooms may have features such as an Ensuite, balcony and so fourth. Creating and implementing a style that flows through to these extra areas will enhance your rooms appearance.

You may find that the first step is always the hardest and trickiest part of styling as you will be coming up with a theme, colour palette, furniture selection and look of the room. One move off direction could change the look of the entire room. You will find most stylists come up with a mood board and set up pieces before they are installed to ensure everything flows and the style works.

2. Select the right artwork to compliment the room.

Selecting the right artwork is a critical component to ensuring your room looks the part when selecting a style for your bedroom. Artwork and wall art come in all types of sizes, colours and types. The shape of the room may determine where the artwork is placed and the size of the room.

3. Select cushions, soft furnishings and linen. (Cushions, Cushions & More Cushions :)

We also recommend starting with a neutral colour palette on the base of your bed. White linen is always fantastic when starting your style. Your cushions should compliment the artwork and will be one of the main focal points of the bedroom. There are different types, sizes and textures of cushions to choose when styling a bed. Adding textured cushions and layering could really make your bedroom pop and will set the theme of the room.

4. Select lamps for your bedside table

Lamps are another big focal point of the room. Adding light and ambience to the room will really set the mood of the style you have created. There are so many lamps to choose from. Select lamps that flow with the rest of the style.

5. Accessorise the room.

Now for the fun part! You should select accessories that flow and compliment the rest of the pieces you have chosen for the room. Bedside accessories could include a succulent plant, ornaments, books and so fourth. Depending on the style of the room and the furniture placements, accessories will vary.

Our Top Property Stylists Tips.

  • Tip 1 : When selecting a bed for the room, avoid choosing a bed that is too large for the space. A King bed is generally too large for most spaces, although may work in some spaces.

  • Tip 2 : Steam iron your bedsheets and cushions. When placing brand new sheets and cushions on the bed for the first time, the creases and crinkles will stand out.

  • Tip 3 : Add different types and shaped cushions for textures and colours.

Property staging is the perfect tool used by savvy home sellers to boost their sales campaign and maximise results when selling a property. Revolution Style Hub is here to guide you through your property styling journey and make the process as stress free and easy as possible.

Want More Property Styling Idea's Or Staging Photos?

For more images and details please follow our Houzz listing. You can also check out our socials such as facebook and instagram to get inspiration and ideas on the power home styling has on a property.

Before and after bedroom styling.

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