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Property styling in Sydney? Should i style my house to sell? Is property styling recommended?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

When selling your home, home staging is a must to enhance your homes character and appeal to a broad audience of potential home buyers. Property styling has risen in its popularity in recent years as people are now looking for creative ways to ensure their property stands out from the rest in the property market.

Enhancing your homes features to draw attention of potential buyers

Property styling is all about showcasing your home in the best possible way and enhancing your homes features to draw attention of potential buyers and tempt more potential buyers to your open homes, auctions and inspections.

Start your property styling journey today with a online price guide.

Upon initial consultation with a property stylist you will be asked a variety of questions to get a scope into the job at hand. Some of these questions include the number of rooms in your home (or the rooms you require styling) , the type of home you have eg duplex, townhouse etc, the age of the home, your location and so fourth. Once the stylist has the information needed, you may be provided with a price guide for styling your home.

Your property stylist may suggest cosmetic changes to your home to appeal to more buyers such as painting, decluttering, gardening and more. This way once the stylist is ready to work magic, your home is home stage ready!

What is the cost of property styling?

The cost of property styling will vary depending on factors as mentioned above. You may be given options to only style the rooms that will be shown or even partial styling. This way you have the choice and can select the best service suited to your needs.

Home staging is an investment into most likely one of your most valuable and treasured possessions. In order to bring out your homes full potential, property styling is a great tool which can bring many benefits to your sales campaign.

So give it a go! See how easy our process is to get you on your property styling journey today!

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