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How Much Does Property Styling Cost? Info On Property Styling Price , The Cost Of Home Staging.

Updated: May 2, 2023

So you would like to find out the price of home staging in Sydney? Here at Revolution Style Hub - Property Styling there are a few different factors to consider when obtaining a price for property styling. Home styling costs may vary depending on the property styling services required along with the size of the property, location, access etc. From complete property styling where we style your entire home to flexible styling where you have the option to select the spaces you would like styled, Revolution Style Hub offer affordable property styling Sydney wide and can provide a custom home styling solution to suit. This blog has information about Property Styling Price , The Cost Of Home Staging and what factors to consider when requesting a quote.

Property Styling Package Prices -

From time to time Revolution Style Hub offer home styling package pricing. Below are some of our current 2023 complete property styling package prices available for a limited time only -

  • One bedroom home styling to sell package - $2,300.00 inc GST

  • Two bedroom home styling to sell package - $2,700.00 inc GST

Click here to find out more about our property styling packages including inclusions and pricing. Looking for something different? Request a custom quotation to style your home for sale.

How much does it cost to style a small apartment when selling?

What are the roperty styling options, do they vary in price? Things to consider for property styling price , The cost of home staging.

Revolution Style Hub offer a variety of home staging services. We have options for home sellers on a budget along with complete home styling packages to style your entire home.

  • Complete Home Styling - Our talented in house team will carefully select and install pieces such as furniture, artwork, accessories & soft furnishings to assist in enhancing your homes appearance.

  • Partial Home Styling - Fantastic option for home sellers who have furniture and accessories available already in their home for sale that could be potentially integrated into the style that our super talented stylist creates.

  • Flexible Home Styling - The 'flexible styling option' allows you to select the rooms and spaces you would like styled and would like to showcase in your sales campaign. This is a fantastic option for home sellers on a budget as you can select the rooms you would like styled to suit your requirements.

Apartment Styling Prices.

What Factors Are Considered In The Cost?

There are a few factors to consider when you are looking for the best property styling proposal to suit your needs.

  1. Size of the property & how many rooms or spaces you would like styled?

  2. Your location & access into the property. Eg stairs, lifts etc.

  3. Styling option. Flexible, partial, complete.

As you can see there are some factors that could determine the cost of property styling. As we offer a few different options you have the opportunity to select the best option to suit your requirements and budget. As a guide a 1 bedroom apartment complete styling package could be as low as $2,300.00. You are also able to take spaces out to stick within a budget you may have or you may add extra area's such as an office nook, extra outdoor balcony etc.

Brand new duplex property styling

Affordable Home Styling Options

Revolution Style Hub offer affordable home staging options Sydney wide. We provide complete property styling packages along with custom styling solutions to suit your requirements.

Want to find out how much it will cost to style your home for sale? Looking for the best styling deals in Sydney? Contact Revolution Style Hub for a personalised property styling quotation to get your home styled and ready for sale.

Click here to find out more about property styling options in Sydney.

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