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Home Office Styling Idea's. How To Style Your Home Office For Your Sales Campaign. Staging To Sell.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

So you are looking for some stylish idea's for a home office or work space? Want to know how to style a home office? Revolution Style Hub have styled many offices in houses to prepare the home for sale. We have put together some Idea's and information of the office's we have styled on our blog and how we style your home office. Want more pictures or inspo? Check out our socials or email us to see if we can help.

Home Office Styling By Revolution Style Hub.

Styling your home office is a great way to unlock the potential to maximise your sales campaign. Many perspective buyers begin their search online, that's why it is extremely important to have a well presented home and show the spaces in your home at full potential. Have a look at some home office spaces we have styled to help our clients achieve maximum results.

Adding pops of colours and textures into your home office will really make your area stand out. Sticking with a colour scheme and selecting the right sized pieces of furniture is a very important part of home staging. An office space can quickly become cluttered, be careful not to over do the area and add too many pieces.

The benefits of a home office or home study can be huge. Having a functional yet stylish workspace can be a challenge to put together as their are many factors to consider. Our talented stylists have a flare for design and can put together phenomenal office space layouts.

Some key points you should consider when styling your office space may include:

  • How large your space is?

  • What the space will primarily be used for?

  • The style or look you are interested in?

  • The layout of your room?

  • The furniture you require?

  • And the list goes on....

Office / study space styling in nook areas.

An office space doesn't need to necessarily be a separate room, many modern homes now integrate 'office or study' nooks in spaces that would ordinarily have limited to no use. For example some spaces may be under stairs as you can see from a spectacular home we recently had the pleasure of styling. Home offices are becoming more and more popular and more home owners and sellers are considering and factoring in to add offices or study area's when designing new layouts.

Ideas To Make Your Home Office Stand Out. Here are some key factors to make your home office look stylish.

We have put together 5 key points when styling your home office. Styling your office to appeal to potential buyers is different when looking to style for personal taste and reasons. Comfort of course will be your first priority when styling for a personal space although when styling for your home sales campaign, not so much.

  1. Choosing the right desk. Many may argue that the desk is the most important feature in your home office or study workspace. Finding and sourcing a functional yet stylish desk that is going to suit the space can be a difficult task. When selecting a desk to style a home for sale we will always look at factors such as colour and size as the most two of the most important factors, as it must suit the space. As you can imagine there are of course many more factors to consider.

  2. Declutter the space, don't over do it. When people think of home office, different looks and ideas pop straight up. They may include large bookcases, large workspaces with paperwork everywhere. When styling a home office a key factor is to select the right size pieces for the space and don't overcrowd the space. Adding bulky bookcases or office furniture and too many accessories may make the space look cluttered and not appeal to potential buyers. Always remember you are trying to sell your home to potential buyers.

  3. Adding greenery / indoor plants. Implementing greenery into your space will really bring a sense of calm and is great to break the space up. Artificial props such as faux plants are a must have when styling your office space and they not only look good but as easy to maintain.

  4. Lighting. Having natural light is a bonus although you may find yourself with an area that doesn't produce as much natural light as you would like. If lighting is poor in your space a nice office or study light / lamp is your next best option. You will find many choices of floor lamps so again it is important to select based on size, colour, texture and so fourth.

  5. Accessorize the space. Now for the fun part. Add a bit of colour, add some texture. Get creative with this part but again don't over do it.

Looking for a property stylist to style your home office? Contact Revolution Style Hub Today for more information on our affordable home staging options.

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