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Coffee Table Book Styling - How Do You Decorate A Coffee Table - Property Styling Books.

Selecting the right books to place on your coffee table when styling a house for sale can be tricky as you will find a variety of styles and looks. One technique could include stacking your books. With this method you will need to ensure the size and shape of the books you are utilising in your style are in the correct order and work in conjunction with other accessories you have placed on your coffee table.

The right coffee table book will be determined on a few factors including the colour, height, size and sometimes even texture. Textured books can be a great idea for a statement coffee table piece.

Here are our top property styling tips when using different coffee table books.

Rolled Books or Magazines

  • With rolled books or magazines we generally flick to a page that correlates with our room.

Stack Of Books

  • Typically a stack of books will be determined on the height of the accessories and will generally consist of 2 - 3 books.

Feature Books

  • > Create a focal point with a feature coffee table book.

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