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Coastal Property Styling - Beach Styling Ideas - Interior Decorating Real Estate Style Inspiration.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Coastal interiors and styling is one of our absolute favorite styles to implement when styling a home for sale. Here at Revolution Style Hub : Property Styling we love adding coastal vibes and gathering inspiration from the elements such as soft whites, timber accents and natural elements. We find that choosing the correct colour palette is extremely important in creating a costal look and style along with implementing shades of soft blues along with whites and neutrals to the interiors. This combination is a great step to achieving a coastal interior style.

Costal Mood Board With Inspiration From The Elements

Revolution Style Hub often complete property styling services for home sellers utilizing a coastal and beachy theme and style. By utilizing soft neutral colors and textures our goal is to create a calming, relaxed and sophisticated coastal / beachy look. One of our tricks to achieve a coastal style is by gaining inspiration from the elements of the ocean and beach.

Coastal Inspiration

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources to create a coastal theme. Our inspiration of a beachy and coastal style can be seen with with this coffee table cluster below which includes décor items such as coral and colours such as white along with soft timbers.

Light Colours

We find the most popular paint colour in homes that suit a coastal style is light colours such as whites. White is a fantastic colour choice to choose when painting your interiors to sell your home for sale as it will bring the sense of light in your home. White walls look clean and crisp and may give the illusion of a larger and brighter area.

Coastal Furniture Styles

To create a beautiful coastal vibe we will try to stick with neutral and light coloured furniture pieces. Utilizing furniture pieces such as natural timbers and whites into your style should really bring your coastal style to light. A popular furniture choice of furniture at the moment is rattan and woven pieces.

Coastal Accessories

Adding coastal theme accessories such as coral, candles and statement features such as a shell feature will bring your costal theme together. We always stick with the theme of the furniture and keep it light and bright, brining in natural timbers and straw etc.

Coastal Artworks / Wall Arts

We find most of the wall arts and artwork we use are unique in their own way. You may find different textures such as straw wall art pieces and artwork with different textures. Coastal prints are a popular choice as they are simple and beautiful.

Want to see more coastal inspired styling images and ideas. Check out our socials and website for more pictures and videos. Revolution Style Hub provide property styling Sydney wide.

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