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Before & After Property Styling | Home Staging Make-Over | Lindfield, Sydney NSW 2070 | Real Estate

Before and after property styling at Lindfield, Sydney, NSW 2070. Our client requested a full home styling package for her magnificent home in Lindfield. Want to see the impact of property styling? Revolution Style Hub offer full property styling and partial home styling option's Sydney Wide. Check out the transformation from before property styling to after property styling.

Before & After Dining Room

Before and after dining room home styling Sydney. In this property styling make-over our talented stylist has added light furniture and accessories to bring this space to life. As it is a larger home we have opted for a larger 6 piece setting and added a console and some extra's to showcase the size of the area.

Before & After Rumpus Room

Before and after rumpus room home styling Sydney. By styling the rumpus room in this property we are able to showcase the possibilities for this space along with allowing potential buyers to be inspired by the space and imagine the area as their own.

Before & After Loungeroom

Before and after Loungeroom home styling Sydney. With this living area our stylist decided on showcasing the size by adding larger furniture while keeping it consistent with the other spaces.

Do you have a home in Lindfield that you would like to style for sale? Revolution Style Hub offer home styling services Sydney Wide. Property styling in Sydney to enhance your homes appearance & appeal to potential buyers.

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